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Welcome to the online presence of Olivier Glod.

Husband, father, shutterbug, geek, collector, addicted to movies, music and comics, maintaining a keen interest in all things digital at the same time as nurturing a profound respect for beautifully designed and crafted items, Oli is also known to enjoy fine dining and appreciate the occasional uisge beatha.

Happily living in the beautiful town of Echternach, his favourite subjects usually include his son, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and macro, although he has recently acquired a taste for wedding photography and outdoor portraits.

Always carry a camera


Always carry a camera

Olivier Glod

There’s this famous Chase Jarvis quote / book: “The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You”. Although this line has been used and abused countless times, it still holds true; it’s ALWAYS better to have a snapshot of a fantastic, fleeting moment by a technologically inferior device (e.g. your smartphone’s camera or a point & shoot camera), than missing a potentially-jaw-dropping-bazillion-megapixels-of-pristine-details-rendered-with-umpteen-stops-of-dynamic-range-cracker-of-a-National-Geographic-worthy shot, because you left your Alpa A-Series with the PhaseOne IQ3 100 MP back at home.

While I’m not advocating that you’ve got all of your bases covered if you carry your smartphone all day long, I’m not advising you to overburden yourself with a DSLR and a full set of lenses as your EDC, “just in case”, either.

I usually carry a camera in a Peak Design bag (either the Messenger or the Sling) during my daily commute. I have been lucky quite a few times driving home and usually took a ten to fifteen minutes stop to snap a few shots. Here’s just a brief, more or less random selection of unplanned, spontaneous shoots after a hard day at the office. Oh, and I also carry a tripod in the trunk of my car, just in case… ;-)