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Welcome to the online presence of Olivier Glod.

Husband, father, shutterbug, geek, collector, addicted to movies, music and comics, maintaining a keen interest in all things digital at the same time as nurturing a profound respect for beautifully designed and crafted items, Oli is also known to enjoy fine dining and appreciate the occasional uisge beatha.

Happily living in the beautiful town of Echternach, his favourite subjects usually include his son, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and macro, although he has recently acquired a taste for wedding photography and outdoor portraits.

Anno 1900 (2017 A.D.)


Anno 1900 (2017 A.D.)

Olivier Glod

Two of my annually recurring highlights for photography are the e-Lake festival, as well as the Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention.

While I unfortunately missed the former's 2017 edition, I was able to attend the latter on Sunday, September 24th.

The first time I went to the convention was in 2015 and I had a blast with the Nikon D810 and the Nikkor 58mm f/1.4 lens.

Somehow, there are certain days, when you just can't seem to hit your stride. The 2016 edition was one of those times for me, when all I did was wander around and take some snapshots. Ultimately, I came home with only a few OK shots from my A7RII and the Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 lens.

This year, I tried something a little bit different, and went there with the Fuji GFX50S and the 110mm f/2 lens. While this combo was a beast to tame (rather long focal length and carefully watching your shooting technique / minimum shutter speed, as it's rather unforgiving), the shots I got more than made up for it :-)

Here's a brief selection.

If you wish to see the rest of these shots (and in better quality), feel free to follow this link to the complete gallery on Flickr.

Finally, if you recognise yourself or any of these fine folks, drop me a line, and I'll gladly send you the full resolution JPG image :-)