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Welcome to the online presence of Olivier Glod.

Husband, father, shutterbug, geek, collector, addicted to movies, music and comics, maintaining a keen interest in all things digital at the same time as nurturing a profound respect for beautifully designed and crafted items, Oli is also known to enjoy fine dining and appreciate the occasional uisge beatha.

Happily living in the beautiful town of Echternach, his favourite subjects usually include his son, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and macro, although he has recently acquired a taste for wedding photography and outdoor portraits.

Driving the 35


Driving the 35

Olivier Glod

A couple of days ago, Fuji released yet another firmware update for its excellent X-body cameras and lenses. As I was allowed a two hour playtime window by my wife dearest this afternoon, I quickly updated my beloved X-E1 and all of my lenses before finally heading out with the XF35.

My goal was not too far away, about a twenty minutes' drive. I have passed numerous times through Moestroff and always wondered about its castle, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to finally pay it a visit.

Upon arrival in Moestroff, I saw this marvellous old building and couldn't help but snap a few shots :-)

I continued towards the castle, but was a bit disappointed when I noticed that it was now converted into a private property and not open to public. Fortunately I had a plan b: Vianden!

Before I left, I snapped a quick shot of this little guy ;-) 

Well, my trip to Vianden didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. It was impossible to find a parking space! Gorgeous weather + beautiful and historic old town + holiday season = traffic chaos.  I certainly would have found a spot if I had had more patience, alas time was running out, so I decided to call it quits for today.

Ah well... another time... 

On my way home though, I decided to check out another way, and boy, am I glad I did!

Hidden between Longsdorf and Hoesdorf , I stumbled upon a gorgeous landscape.


I  the end, this drive was really worth it as I tremendously enjoyed this hidden gem. Luxembourg's really small, yet there's always something (or somewhere) new to discover  :-)

P.s. one final word on the Fujifilm updates: so far I've tried the XF60 (waaaaayyyy faster + accurate focusing than before!) and XF35 lenses (focusing speed also increased, but this wasn't as bad as the XF60 + it seems to me that the minimum focusing distance has been reduced, without having to enter macro mode... I might be mistaken on this one, but it's a purely subjective feeling).